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Our Method: Patient First

We strive to give quality care to our patients

For many Chiropractic offices, patient frequency is a numbers game. Getting patients into the examining room, adjusted quickly and out the door every 10 minutes helps the office to keep a full schedule and keep their earnings at maximum. Though this style is great for business, a one-size-fits-all technique of care doesn’t always take individuals full-health needs into consideration.

Dr. Dodge makes it a point to reserve at least 20 minutes for each patient, listening, examining, adjusting and advising for optimal health after the visit.
This Patient-first approach is what sets the MG Dodge Chiropractic clinic apart from the other, “Snap_Crack_Pop” offices, and this approach is applied to both offices in Sodus and Lowville respectively.

let our friendly staff answer any and all your questions.

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Dr. Michelle G. Dodge

A Message from Dr. Dodge

At MG Dodge Chiropractic we specialize in all aspects in the care and maintenance of your back, your joints, and your soft tissues in the hope of healing and restoring life and vitality to you in the face of injury or disease.

We know your health and the health of your family is important to you. I have dedicated my life to helping people learn about health and nutrition, and to live healthy, happy vibrant lives every day.

I hope I can provide the same excellent service to you and your family today.

What our clients Say

Dr. Dodge is absolutely amazing! What a lifesaver!

Josh Lanning

Sodus NY

Amazing results! She is keeping me in line!!

Melissa Plouse

Lyons NY

I’ve been suffering from pain after back surgery since 2011 I’ve tried so many different types of treatment and doctors, today was my first visit with Dr. Dodge and I am already feeling relief - which I never thought was possible. She is amazing and listens to her patients. I’m simply amazed that I’ve found someone like her who can help and care as much as she does.  

Kirsten Emler

Sodus NY

Her approach was an answer to a long time of trying other services that never worked. I am so glad I took a chance with her. She is professional, knowledgable and very easy to like! Highly recommend!

Kelly Patchen-Loveless

Lowville NY

I love Dr Dodge! Such a gentle and intuitive healer- Chiropractic has changed my world. I was having weekly migraines and daily headaches and I rarely have a headache ever thanks to chiropractic! It’s an energy and mood-boosting treatment covered by my insurance! I feel great every day because of it!

Gale Abbass

New Orleans Louisianna

Dr. Dodge is, by far, the best Chiropractor that has ever adjusted me. Her hands-on skills are perfection, and I always step out of her office feeling revived and energized.

Tommy Gaebel

Carthage NY